Meaningful evaluation in aphasia rehabilitation and society

Background:There are numerous outcome measures used in aphasia rehabilitation as well as in research aiming to capture more than improvement of language modalities after aphasia therapy. However their aims and scopes vary across and beyond the ICF domains of activity, participation, environmental and personal factors to wellbeing, quality of life etc.

MEASURES: project aim to provide a review of the psychometric properties and utility of instruments (assessments, tools, questionnaires, checklists) that evaluate activity, participation and quality of life for people with aphasia. MEASURES has a sub-group who are specifically reviewing instruments from Nordic countries (Elisabeth Ahlsen, Lise Randrup-Jensen, Jytte Isaksen, Line Haaland-Jensen, Karianne Berg, Gabriele Kitzmüller); and a broader group who are systematically reviewing wider EU/English-published instruments (Madeline Cruice, Luis Jesus, Assunção Matos).