Contribute Data

Data for the RELEASE Project can be contributed using this form; please complete all applicable sections and attach all available datasets and documentation.

Step 1

Please check the boxes corresponding to the format of your data.

Please provide contact details for the Investigator who will represent the study, and who grants permission for the dataset to be shared for the purposes of the RELEASE project (gatekeeper).

Where possible, please detail the inclusion of any relevant documents for your clinical dataset in the check-box below and attach a copy of these documents along with the dataset. If an electronic copy is unavailable, then a paper copy/ CD can be mailed to:

RELEASE- Collaboration of Aphasia Trialists NMAHP Research Unit Level 6, Govan Mbeki Building , Glasgow Caldonian University, Cowcaddens Rd, Glasgow G4 0BA

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  • Section 2.0 Gatekeeper Approval for Contribution
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Data Contribution Form

Using the checklist below, please indicate that the following items exist and are valid for your dataset.

By checking the boxes it is understood that you give permission on behalf of your group to share these data for the purpose of anonymised, secondary data analyses.

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I hereby grant permission for the contribution of aphasia data

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