Trials for Aphasia Panel

Prof Audrey Bowen [UK] established the Trials for Aphasia Panel (TAP) which will provide expert methodological support to aphasia trialists. The panel will seek to:

  • Offer specialist advice to trialists
  • Develop and share resources to support aphasia trialists
  • Act as a resource for grant giving bodies by providing access to expert reviewers
  • Promote the commissioning of aphasia research
  • Assist with previewing research protocols
  • Develop a quality assurance mechanism

Development of TAP is currently in progress; resources will be available early in 2019.

Early Stage Researcher Training

The Early Stage Researcher Group aims to support the needs of new researchers (within 8 years of PhD completion) by providing training opportunities. Where possible, these will be held in conjunction with major aphasia conferences to maximise benefit. Topics include public involvement in research, career tips, networking and opportunities for further research within the Collaboration.