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The Collaboration of Aphasia Trialists

Aphasia impacts on ability to speak, understand speech, read, write and perform simple calculations.

Funded by the Tavistock Trust for Aphasia, the Collaboration of Aphasia Trialists (CATs) is an international network of multidisciplinary aphasia investigators in rehabilitation, social science, psychology and linguistics research from across more than 50 countries.

We aim to enhance aphasia research knowledge, skills, methodologies and infrastructure.
We seek to improve our understanding of aphasia. We work to increase the availability and validity of multilingual assessments and outcome measures relating to aphasia. We support international research activities and increase the availability of clinical tools for people with aphasia who do not speak English and their healthcare professionals. We support junior (PhD candidates) and early stage researchers (within 8 years of doctoral award) in their training and development. We offer expert advice from a panel of experienced aphasia trialists and provide resources to enhance the quality and reporting of aphasia randomised controlled trials and related research.

Our Activities

Selected CATs resources and research projects are profiled below. For more information, please visit our projects page.

COVID-19 Research Resources

View resources to support aphasia researchers to adapt to the current COVID-19 situation.

REhabilitation and recovery of peopLE with Aphasia after StrokE (RELEASE)

Cross-linguistic and Cultural Adaptations of Aphasia Assessments

International Population Registry for Aphasia after Stroke (I-PRAISE)

Multilingual Aphasia Assessment Tools


We welcome new members. To join, please complete a membership form, selecting a relevant Working Group.

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Our research themes

Aphasia Research Datasets
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Aphasia Assessments & Outcomes
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Prognosis & Predictors of Recovery
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Effectiveness of Aphasia Interventions
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Societal Impact & Reintegration of People with Aphasia
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Trials for Aphasia Panel (TAP)
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Early Stage Researcher Group
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Global Engagement
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