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Training School 2015

 Training School 2015 Participants1


The focus of this training school was to provide participants with knowledge about, and expertise in the World Health Organisation’s International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health as it applies to aphasia research. The broad aims of the ICF as a conceptual framework and classification system were presented by esteemed researchers in the field. The findings of aphasia research literature that has used the ICF were presented and a future research agenda brainstormed in a group discussion format using the Nominal Group Technique for consensus approaches. Skills training in cross walking assessment items from more specific assessments of components of the ICF were provided. Participants also learned how to reliably classify content units from transcripts of interviews with people with aphasia. 
This training was intended to be an intensive and interactive masterclass for researchers who are interested in using ICF in research on aphasia. The programme included research training sessions for trainees, involving practical hands on activities in small groups to enhance learning of practical skills. The training aimed to create a cohort of European aphasia researchers who are able to understand and possibly use the ICF in their research. This is anticipated to have a lasting impact on aphasia research in Europe.

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