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Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) - STSM Reports

NameSTSM TitleHost InstitutionDates of VisitReport
Kleanthes Grohmann The development of an aphasia assessment battery for Cypriot Greek University of Athens 10-14th Feb 2014 View
Lilla Zakarias Integrating cognitive principles into language therapy University of Potsdam (Potsdam, Germany), 1-24th Feb 2014 View
Madeline Cruice Transforming clinical practices in exploring the impact of living with aphasia University of Southern Denmark 13-17th Jan 2014 View
Maria Kambanaros The development of an aphasia assessment battery for Cypriot Greek University of Athens 10-14 Feb 2014 View
Pauline Campbell Hearing disorders in post-stroke aphasia: Impact on diagnosis and rehabilitation Erasmus University Medical Centre 23 Feb-1st Mar 2014 View
Voula Georgopoulos

The Development of Intelligent Decision Support Tools for Aphasia Assessment

Cyprus University of Technology 22-26th Sept 2014 View
Yulia Akinina  Adaptation of the VAST to the Russian language University Groningen 1-30th Oct 2014 View
Helen Kelly Development of skills in designing rehabilitation research using eye-tracker Queen Margaret University 3-12th Dec 2014 View
Jasmina Vuksanovic Finalizing the systematic review article on factors predicting language recovery in individuals with post-stroke aphasia Karolinska Institute 1-18th Feb 2015 View
Ingrid Behrns The writing process in persons with acquired writing difficulties University of Antwerp 6-11th Sep 2015 View
Caitlin Longman  The effect of the environment on the elderly living with and without aphasia in Johannesburg University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa 4-15th Jan 2016 View
Karianne Berg Establishing consensus statements around an updated definition of aphasia University of Queensland 6-28th Feb 2016 View
Adria Rofes Development of a single-case EEG paradigm to assess language in people with aphasia after stroke Maastricht University 17-31st Jan 2016 View 
Valantis Fyndanis Writing up the article Cross-linguistic adaptations of The Comprehensive Aphasia University of Athens 13-26th Nov 2016 View
Hege Prag Ora Aphasia telerehabilitation early post stroke Glasgow Caledonian University 5-12th Dec 2016  
Tarja Kukkonen How is the ICF grid manifested in current aphasia research  Glasgow Caledonian University 4-14th Dec 2016  View
Helene Killmer Development of skills in analysing conversations of people with aphasia University College London  5-11th March 2017 View