Current Research Projects

The Collaboration's scientific focus is addressed through five Working Groups (WG).

Ongoing projects include:


  1. Adaptation of the Comprehensive Aphasia Test (CAT)
  2. Systematic review of the factors predicting language recovery in individuals with post-stroke aphasia 
  3. REhabilitation and recovery of peopLE with Aphasia adter StrokeE (RELEASE)
  4. International Population Registry for Aphasia adter StrokE (I-PRAISE)
  5. Aphasia telerehabiliation early post-stroke [PhD Fellowship]
  6. Transforming access to cost-effective aphasia services: the Australian Aphasia Centre for Research Excellence 
  7. AsPIRE: Aphasia Intervention description in Research.
  8. International Survey of Access to SLT for people with aphasia after stroke
  9. Aphasia Research Priorities
  10. Asset based Community Development (ABCD)sset based Community Development (ABCD)
  11. Meaningful Evaluation in AphaSia in REhabilitation and Society (MEASURES)
  12. Supporting Communicative Participation of Individuals with Aphasia 
  13. What can I do for your? A visual communication guide for health care workers who are treating people with aphasia 
  14. Definition of Aphasia
  15. Engaging Significant Others in Early Rehabilitation of Patients with Aphasia  


Related Research

Members of our collaboration have formed links with other institutions to conduct high quality aphasia research across Europe. The links below contain an overview of this research ordered by country.

Assessments and Outcomes                                                        Download
Prognosis and Predictors                                                             Download
Effectiveness of Interventions                                                      Download
Societal Impact and Reintegration                                                Download