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CATs Funding Awards

As the Collaboration continues to grow, there has been a push towards securing external research funding to support ongoing activities across the network. Several working groups are actively preparing international grant applications. 

Since 2013, the following grant external awards have been secured:

  1.  Supporting communicative participation of individuals with aphasia, Lise R. Jensen [MC, WG5, DK], Elisabeth Ahlsén [MC, WG5, SE], Madeleine Cruice [WG5 Lead, UK], Simon Horton [WG5, UK], Carole Pound [WG5, UK]; Jytte Isaksen [WG5 Deputy Lead, DK], Monica Blom-Johansson [WG5, SE], Nina Simmons-Mackie [Invited Speaker, US]. Funded by: Danish Research Council (Kr. 1,007,963, Grant Award DFF – 4180-00046), Start October 2014
  2. What can I do for you?-A visual communication guide for health care workers who are treating people with aphasia. Gabriele Kitzmüller [WG5, NO], Karianne Berg [WG5, NO] and Line Haaland Johansen, [WG5, NO]. Collaborator Dafna Olenik [WG5, IL]  Funded by: Extrastiftelsen Helse Rehabilitering in cooperation with the Norwegian Aphasia Association (Norway) 220 000 NKR (€22,500). Start: 9th Jan 2015 End: 31st Dec 2016.  
  3. RELEASE: REhabilitation and recovery of peopLE with Aphasia after StrokE, Marian Brady [MC Chair, WG3, UK], Myzoon Ali [MC, WG1 Lead, UK], Ann-Charlotte Laska [MC, WG3 Lead, SE], Audrey Bowen [MC, UK], Cathy Price [WG2, UK], David Howard [WG2, UK], Erin Godecke [WG5, AU], Evy Visch-Brink [MC, WG4 Lead,  NL], Jacqueline Hinckley [US], Katerina Hilari [WG5, UK], Linda Worrall [MC Observer, WG5, AU], Shirley Thomas [WG5, UK], Rebecca Palmer [UK], Tarja Kukkonen [MC, WG4, FI], Simon Horton [WG5, UK], Brian MacWhinney [US],  Aura Kagan [Invited Speaker, US], Andrew Elders [WG3, UK], Jon Godwin [WG3, UK], Caterina Britenstein [WG3, DE], Frank Becker [WG3, NO] more pending [including Cyprus, Portugal], Funded by: National Institute for Health Research: Health Services and Delivery Research (Grant Ref: HS&DR Project: 14/04/22) £446,158.28, Start Jan 2016-End Dec 2017
  4. Aphasia telerehabilitation early post stroke [PhD Fellowship], Hege Prag Øra [NO], Frank Becker [Director of Studies, WG3, NO], Melanie Kirmess [WG4, NO], Marian Brady [CATs Chair, UK], Funder: Regional Health Trust South East Norway, full time grant for equivalent of 3 years FTE. Start: 1st Aug 2015 End 31st July 2019 (over 4 years)]
  5. Asset-based approaches for stroke survivors with aphasia: promoting and sustaining well-being in the long-term. Horton S (WG5), Gracey F, Shiggins C (WG5), Duffy IV. Research Capability Fund (£9,089) awarded by Norfolk and Suffolk Primary and Community Care Research Office from the pooled funds from the Norfolk and Waveney CCGs as part of the themed call “Supporting people to live well in the community throughout the life course”.  
  6. Collaboration of Aphasia Trialists Phase 2. Tavistock Trust for Aphasia. Brady MC 3 years 
  7. Fatigue After Stroke: Testing the Feasibility of A Brief psychological Intervention (FAST-FAB). Mead G, Cvoro V, Barber M, Gillespie D, Dennis M, Wu S, Carson A, Chalder T, Macleod M, Lewis S, Hackett M, Chun Y, House A, Brady MC.  Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland £89296
  8. Optimising stroke survivor recovery through effective goal setting practice in community based rehabilitation settings: implementing research to enhance practice and improve outcomes. Dr. Lesley Scobbie 5 year Clinical Lectureship Stroke Association £173,531.
  9. Brady MC, Godwin J, Sackley C. Recruitment to stroke rehabilitation trials. Glasgow Caledonian University Studentship. £61,500  (Kris McGill appointed)
  10. Quality of Life and Health Utilities at 3 Months after Acute Ischaemic Stroke on behalf of the VISTA Collaboration. Ali M, Fulton R, Quinn T, Veenstra D, Chen E, Bath P and Brady MC on behalf of the VISTA Collaboration £ 20,000 Genentech.
  11. Clinical and cost effectiveness of aphasia computer therapy compared with usual stimulation or attention control long term post stroke (CACTUS). Palmer R, Enderby P, Brady M, Bowen A, Cooper C, Latimer N, Julious S. NIHR Health Technology Assessment £1,640,038  over 54 months
  12. Practical methods for meta-analysis of continuous outcomes in stroke rehabilitation trials. Weir C, Brady MC, Lewis S, Murray G, Langhorne P. The Stroke Association £94,411.  2 years.

Proposals under review or in development:

In Development:  

  1. ASSURe: AphaSia peer SUppoRt: a mixed methods systematic review, qualitative exploration and national consensus supporting the delivery of peer support activities for people with aphasia. Kathryn VandenBerg [WG3, UK], Marian Brady [Chair, WG3, UK], Linda Worrall [MC Observer, WG5, AU], Emma France [UK]. Funder: The Stroke Association Postgraduate Fellowship (UK).
  2. I-PRAISE: International Population Registry of AphasIa after StrokE, Myzoon Ali (Chief Investigator) [MC, WG1 Lead, UK], Erin Godecke [WG5, AU], Sarah Wallace [WG2, AU], Caterina Breitenstein [WG3, DE],  Karen Sage [WG3, UK], Holly Robson [WG3, UK], Andrew Elders [WG3, UK], Vania de Aguiar [MC, WG3 Deputy Lead, PT], Marian Brady [Chair, WG3, UK]. 
  3. Transforming access to cost effective aphasia services: the Australian Aphasia Centre for Research Excellence, Linda Worrall [MC Observer, WG5, AU], Miranda Rose [WG4, AU], Leanne Togher [AU], Tim Shaw [UK], David Copland [WG3, AU], Lyndsey Nickels [AU], Erin Godecke [WG5, AU], Marian Brady [Chair, WG3, UK], Julie Bernhardt [AU], Geoffrey Donnan [AU], Dominic Cadillac [AU], Anne Hill [AU], Emma Power [AU], Nina Simmons-Mackie [Invited Speaker, CA], Deborah Hersh [AU], Robyn O’Halloran [AU], 
  4. Engaging Significant Others in Early Rehabilitation of Patients with Aphasia, Lise Randrup Jensen [MC, WG5, DK]
  5. BE-HEARD: Erin Godecke [MC, WG3], Marian Brady [MC, WG3, WG4], Myzoon Ali [MC, WG 3], Sarah Wallace [WG  2], Beth Armstrong [WG 2], Nawaf Yassi, et al.