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The Collaboration of Aphasia Trialists

The Collaboration of Aphasia Trialists (CATs) is an international network of multidisciplinary aphasia investigators in rehabilitation, social science, psychology and linguistics research from across 26 countries. We aim to enhance aphasia research knowledge, skills, methodologies and infrastructure.

Our research seeks to improve our understanding of aphasia as it relates to predictors and prognosis, intervention effectiveness and social impact and re-integration for people with aphasia. We support junior (PhD candidates) and early stage researchers (within 8 years of doctoral award) in their training and development. We work to adapt and validate assessments and outcome measures into multiple languages which in turn supports multi-centered aphasia research as well as the clinical needs of non-English speaking people with aphasia and the healthcare professionals working with them.


We are delighted to report that we have received extended support for the CATs international network from The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia until April 2020. This additional 3 years of funding will enable CATs to enhance and make further gains in aphasia research to be realised across Europe and beyond. Do explore our site to find out more about our activities and visit again soon.


Current Research

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Assessment and Outcomes

Prognosis and Predictors of Recovery

Effectiveness of Interventions

Societal Impact and Reintegration

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