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The Collaboration of Aphasia Trialists

Research into communication problems after stroke faces challenges; current research is often language, discipline or region-specific. This limits the efficiency, strength and broader relevance of any research.
The Collaboration of Aphasia Trialists (CATs) aims to establish a network of leading European multidisciplinary aphasia investigators in rehabilitation, social science, linguistics and language research.
This network enhances knowledge, skills and methodology relating to aphasia research. Consensus activities facilitate international agreement in aphasia assessment & diagnosis. Data sharing activities contribute to enhanced prognosis and rehabilitation of aphasia.
This Action facilitates the development of high quality aphasia research to address the needs of people with aphasia, their families, health and social care providers and voluntary groups.

Current Research

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Assessment and Outcomes

Prognosis and Predictors of Recovery

Effectiveness of Interventions

Societal Impact and Reintegration

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